The Private Equity Growth Capital Council Political Action Committee (PEGCC PAC) is registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to represent the private equity and growth capital investment industry and support PEGCC’s legislative and policy interests.

PEGCC PAC contributions directly support candidates from both political parties. Furthermore:

  • PEGCC PAC may only solicit those PEGCC employees and employees of PEGCC member companies who hold positions with high-level administrative, executive or managerial responsibilities and their families.
  • PEGCC PAC may only solicit a member company’s executive and administrative personnel, (its restricted class), once the member company has given PEGCC prior authorization.
  • PEGCC PAC contributions are limited to $5,000 per calendar year from eligible individuals and must come from personal funds.  Federal law strictly prohibits corporate funds.

 To learn more about PEGCC PAC, contact (202)465-7700 or email