What is Private Equity?

Private equity makes an enormous contribution to the US economy. But what exactly is private equity? Watch this video to find out.

PE by the Numbers

Quick facts and quarterly statistics about the private equity industry. Quick Facts Private Equity Firms Headquartered in the U.S.: 3,300 firms Buyout/Growth Expansion Funds Currently …

Who Benefits?

Who benefits from private equity? It is the investors—the pensioners in a public or private pension fund, or the foundation that relies on high returns …

Private Equity Minute

Private Equity Minute is a six-part video series featuring Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business Professor Colin Blaydon. The series is a primer on the …

Carried Interest

Carried interest is taxed at the capital gains rate because it is a profits interest on a long-term capital asset. This tax policy encourages the …

Guidelines for Responsible Investing

The Private Equity Growth Capital Council membership has adopted a set of comprehensive responsible investment guidelines that they will apply prior to investing in companies …

Private Equity: Top States & Districts

The analysis ranks the top 20 states and congressional districts by investment value and number of investments and found that private equity firms invested more than $486 billion in U.S.-based companies last year.


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