The Private Equity Growth Capital Council, based in Washington, DC, is an advocacy, communications, member services and research organization and resource center established to develop, analyze and distribute information about the private equity and growth capital investment industry and its contributions to the national and global economy.

Mission Statement

The Private Equity Growth Capital Council is an association of firms committed to developing long-term value by investing in and building enduring companies through the alignment of interests between investors and management and providing financial, operational and strategic resources and direction. Through this approach, our member firms provide superior investment returns to pension plans, university endowments, charitable foundations and other investors. In addition to delivering superior investment returns, our member firms are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and acting in a way that enhances the reputation of our industry.

The Private Equity Growth Capital Council represents the shared interests of our member firms. We seek to engage the public, policy makers, the media, and other stakeholders in our industry by developing information about the contribution of private equity and growth capital in the economy and by advocating policies that encourage responsible investment, access to capital, economic growth and job creation.

The Private Equity Growth Capital Council provides members with a forum to build peer-to-peer relationships, exchange information, access best-in-class practitioners and proprietary research, and participate in setting the agenda for the Council. PEGCC members are invited to exclusive events where they can network with peers and discuss top issues facing the private equity and growth capital industry. Membership is currently open for private equity, growth capital and fund of funds firms. Click here to learn more about the benefits of membership.


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